About Brixton Commercial

The Future Is Now.

Brixton Commercial is a full service of Commercial Real Estate a force in the industry since 1992 Brixton has expanded its activities to become one of the leading boutique brokerages in commercial and investment real estate in Ontario.
Entrepreneurial real estate deal, recognizing the inherent value of any real estate transaction on the table.

At that table, the professionals at Brixton Commercial pour their efforts into building and nurturing client relationship which are their greatest asset.

By concentrating on the quality of their relationships, rather than merely acting as a transactional broker the accomplished specialists at Brixton Commercial are able to consistently deliver on a promise of service excellence often talked about but rarely experienced.

Brixton is fueled by a savvy, entrepreneurial spirit that, with every assignment, demands an unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

"Repeat business and word of mouth are he largest source of our business and the greatest compliment to our abilities".

Brixton Commercial is by no means a volume broker. We work on deals we fell our clients will achieve success with.

I take pride in having assembled a group of result orientated individuals who align closely with this philosophy.

We accomplish our goals with a team of carefully selected performers. Our methods are simple and straightforward. We epitomize the philosophy that you don't have to be a big firm to serve the most discriminating clients.

Make no mistake. This business is all about people knowing people and we are good people to know.

-Richard Flomen, Broker of Record